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All travelers to Indonesia must be in possession of a Passport that is valid for at least six (6) months from the date of arrival, and have proof (tickets) of onward or return passage.

The Visa on Arrival for Bali Indonesia, also referred to as VoA, has been the main visa, most tourists have used in the last decades to enter Indonesia.

Visa on arrival VOA has an option of single prolongation for 30 days in the Immigration office. Thus, maximum duration of stay with VOA is 60 days.

This is a touristic visa that does not give its holder the right to work.

The visa can be purchased on arrival to Indonesia at a special counter before passport control. At passport control, the visa is stuck into the passport by Immigration officers and stamped as Visa On Arrival with the arrival date.

Extension of Visa on arrival | VOA

We handle paperwork related to obtaining and extension all types of Indonesian visas on Bali. To clarify information about visa to Indonesia or starting a business in Bali, please feel to contact us any convenient way.

Prolongation procedure takes 7-12 labor days.

To prolong visa on arrival, only the passport is needed. We will undertake preparing all required documents and filling out forms.

You will have to visit the Immigration office only once to provide finger prints, signature sample and take a photo of you. Our specialist will meet you in the Immigration office on the day of appointment and help to settle all formalities quickest possible.

For your convenience, our courier can visit you at home or in any other place as required to collect your passport. After the procedure is completed, we will deliver your passport back to you.

Documents for prolongation must be applied before visa expiry date, preferably 7 days before. If application period requirements are not complied with, the Immigration office is empowered to reject prolongation application. Our agency provides support in the event of overdue prolongation application.