Employment Visa

It is important to know that when you wish to work in Bali you will need a work permit. This means you have to be sponsored by the company you are going to work for. The company will have to apply for a KITAS (Kartu Izin Tinggal Sementara) = Temporary Stay Permit Card.

The government of Indonesia has a policy of prioritizing native applicants, therefore, applying for work visa, companies must justify the necessity of employing a foreigner to a specific position.

Some positions are totally unavailable for foreigners, and it is impossible to obtain a work visa for employment in those positions.

Work permit validity term depends on a number of factors.

If you are a foreign professional in commerce of consulting, or service sector, you can obtain a non-extendable work permit valid for 6 months. A new permit will have to be obtained afterwards.

The same applies to foreign professionals in industries related to machinery installation and maintenance, and to secondary school teachers.

We handle paperwork related to obtaining and extension all types of Indonesian visas on Bali. To clarify information about visa to Indonesia or starting a business in Bali, please feel free to contact us any convenient way.

There are many foreigners in Bali and several are working as tourist guides, dive teachers, English teachers, real estate agents, cooks etc without having a work permit. This is an illegal practise. They usually get a social or business visas (allows you to stay on Bali but neither allows you to work) that they extend a few times, leaving to Singapore for a day or two and then coming back.

This practice will slowly but surely not work for much longer as Indonesia and particularly the immigration in Bali, has become stricter with checking travel documents of people who come to Bali often and leave for a couple of days to Singapore or KL to return as tourists again. There is a special task force in Bali with the sole purpose of finding illegal foreign workers. Often they receive alerts from other people.

The rules are actually quite strict and if you are caught working illegally, you will get deported straight away – and pay a nice fine. Sometimes you can pay a certain substantial amount to avoid the hassle and humiliation of a deportation, but still, immigration officers will make sure you leave the country. However, paying for a more graceful way out is also becoming more difficult. The government of Indonesia wants to make sure, that foreigners only hold jobs for which there are no available Indonesian employees.

The idea behind this whole process is, that Indonesia wants to accept only people with higher qualification to work here. Applying as a waiter or even assistant manager is not going to work. One reason being, that this person should not “steal” a job from a local person, and second, that hopefully the Indonesians will learn something valuable. That there is some transfer of knowledge.