Bussines Visa

If you intend to stay longer in Bali and come more often and be free to even engage with business partners, this is probably the best Visa to get. You can apply for it abroad already, yet this is a bit more complicated and the process, documents needed etc. depend on the country you live in.

One option to get the visa done while here in Bali with the assistance of an agent.

The visa does not entitle you to work in Bali as an employee or get a salary in any form. But you can do business related things such as meeting business partners, networking etc.

Multiple-entry business visa enables you to stay in Indonesia for 12 months, and to leave the country an unlimited number of times during the year period. The only restriction is any single stay in Indonesia must not exceed 60 days, i.e. every 60 days you should leave the country to be able to enter back.

Getting Multiple-Entry Visa

We handle paperwork related to obtaining and extension all types of Indonesian visas on Bali. To clarify information about visa to Indonesia or starting a business in Bali, please feel free to contact us any convenient way.

To get business visa you need a letter of invitation from an Indonesian sponsoring company and a special permit | TELEX.

TELEX has to be requested in advance for a specific Consulate or Embassy of Indonesia and must be approved by the Head Office of Immigration Service of Indonesia in Jakarta.

The procedure of issuance and approval of TELEX takes 10 labor days.

If you have no company that can act as a sponsor, we can provide you with documents on behalf of our company or our partners.